Semolina of trade mark “Dykanske” is one of the best among all the producers of Ukraine. Semolina is a product that is obtained from the central part of wheat grain. It has light colour. Semolina is dry and fluffy to the touch, made of soft wheat grown in Ukraine. Depends on the type of grains used in production there are few types of semolina. Type “M” if it is made of soft wheat, type “T” if made of hard wheat and type “TM” if made of mixed sorts of wheat. Production of semolina is carried out by the grain grinding and further enrichment and sifting of grains and dunsts, during which the separation of the separation of the shell and flour from grains occurs. During the grinding, food elements are remain in grain, and, as a result, contained in semolina.

In culinary it is used not only as regular semolina porridge, but also for baking cakes, puddings, fillings and special sorts of noodles.

Quality specifications:

 Moisture  – 15,5 %

Ash content  – 0.6%

  • passage through a sieve№23 –  8,0%
  • passage through a sieve  №38 – 2,0%



Semolina can be packed to plastic bag 0.9 kg and polypropylene bag 25, 50 kg

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Semolina of trade mark “Dykanske” is one of the best among all the producers of…

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