The main activity of the company “DykankaMlyn” LLC is the production of wheat flour. As long as wheat flour is the most important product of grain processing, it is used as the main raw material in bakery, confectionary, pasta producing and different culinary products.

Next to the facilities of the company “INVERT” LLC, that produces confectionery, in 2009 building of flour-grinding complex was started. First of all, it was established to provide already existing confectionary production with high-quality wheat flour, and also for sale for population and wholesale buyers. For the construction of industrial buildings we chose the old autocade of Dykanka, that has been unused for many years. In the course of the work, all the buildings that have been partially suitable for the operation, were completely reconstructed. At the same time, new production and storage facilities were raised and modern flour milling Turkish equipment was installed.

Nowadays, “DykankaMlyn” LLC is a modern, automated enterprise that works steadily and produces high-quality products.

An experienced managers purchase grain for its further processing. For grinding we save only high quality, ecologically pure, safe grain. It allows us to get products with the highest rate.

In manufacturing, qualified staff conducts a complete cycle of technochemical and technological control starting from storage and grain cleaning to processing and formation of finished products for classification and further storage and shipping to the final consumer.


In the production we take into account all the properties of different grain classes, thus we form the quality of wheat flour. The composition of each grinding batch undergoes by thorough selection and blending in specified proportions of various classes of grain with different natural properties. As a result, we obtain the flour that with its technological and baking properties meet the demands of final consumer. 

The main advantage of our products is naturalness, biological value, quality and safety.

Our manager will always help you to choose the necessary products and make the order. Our staff will offer the most convenient terms of delivery, answer all your questions and ensure in-time delivery of products. As long as our company has own vehicle fleet, the sales department is always ready to deliver our products to any part of Ukraine.

  • The certified laboratory of the enterprise has necessary equipment to perform 24/7 monitoring at each stage of the production.
  • Our managers will help you to choose the products you need, offer the most convenient terms of delivery, answer all your questions and ensure in-time delivery of products. As long as our company has own vehicle fleet, the sales department is always ready to deliver our products to any part of Ukraine.
  • In case of bulk order (over 20 t) you will get the cheapest price.
  • Sales Manager – Elizaveta 050-405-89-89
  • Sales Manager – Elena 050-403-89-89
  • Sales Manager – Svetlana 050-409-89-89
  • Manager of foreign trade  +38-050-407-79-79 (Viber, WhatApp)
  • E-mail: manager_dm@ukr.net

Products of TM «Dykanske»

“DykankaMlyn” LLC offers products under the trade mark “Dykanske” such as wheat flour of first and second class; semolina, and wheat bran. As a producer, we  take care of our Consumers, and always raise the level of quality, implement the best world developments at the very level of production.

Choosing the brand “Dykanske”, Dear Consumer, you receive the products of the highest quality.

Wheat flour of Premium grade.

Wheat flour of Premium grade TM “Dykanske” is a natural product without any chemical admixtures.…

Wheat flour of First grade

First grade wheat flour is the flour of fine grinding. It has white or white…

Second Grade Flour

Second grade of wheat flour differs with its cream colour and admixture of crushed shells…


Semolina of trade mark “Dykanske” is one of the best among all the producers of…

Wheat Bran

Wheat bran is a useful fodder product obtained by grinding wheat. By characteristic features it…

Purchasing of wheat grain

For the production of wheat flour and semolina of trade mark “Dykanske” we purchase wheat of 1-6 grades in bulk on the territory of Ukraine. We are ready to buy wheat on profitable for both parties price. In addition, we ensure acceptance and unloading of wheat at our enterprise from the transport of supplier. In case if the supplier has no ability to transfer the goods, “DykankaMlyn” LLC ensures delivery by its own vehicle. Regarding this, we can offer the best terms for our suppliers for mutual cooperation. Our suppliers know that selling wheat to “DykankaMlyn” LLC is comfortable and profitable.

Specifications of quality of soft wheat grain for groups and classes are conducted according to the current standard for wheat DSTU 3768: 2010 “Wheat. Technical conditions”. With the exception of:

  • restriction of wheat grain damaged by a bug to 2% (percentage discount from the price of 1:1);
  • moisture 5%;
  • weed impurity 1%.
# Corn Grade Price UAH per ton.
1 Пшеница 1 А 1 * грн
2 Пшеница 2 А 2 * грн
3 Пшеница 3 А клейковина 22% 3 * грн
4 Пшеница 3 А клейковина 21% 3 * грн
5 Пшеница 3 А клейковина 20% 3 * грн
6 Пшеница 3 А клейковина 19% 3 * грн
7 Пшеница 3 А клейковина 18% 3 * грн
8 Пшеница 4 Б клейковина 17% 4 * грн
9 Пшеница 4 Б клейковина 16% 4 * грн

Contact us:
050 346-0-555 Vladimir Grigor’yevich.
050 32-777-05 Yevgeniy Ivanovich.